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An Abundant Resource
In this section, I would like to tell you a story of the source of my Inspiration & Imagination in creating this magnificent homemade product made from one of the wild natural ocean treasures. It’s all started in these beautiful silver-bright sea-creatures originated from the wild ocean known as “Salmon”. Wild Salmon is known as one of the natural bounty that was born in the icy-breeze ocean. They survived and traveled hundreds even thousands, of miles up streams and rivers just to continue their legacy. The growing embryos, stay buried in the gravel of the river until spring, when they emerge as fry and the fry soon become smolts. Soon after they become saltwater-ready adolescent, they will take off to see the ocean world, where they take their turn grazing and growing to maturity. Billions of Salmon have been taken for foods; they are eaten as simple canned products or epicurean delicacies and a thousand ways in between. One of the most popular products is smoked salmon! Beautifully reddish meat cured with salt, sugar and spices than smoke it by using a natural woodchips to give the richness of the flavor into the meat and light smoky aroma.


While I was traveling to Vancouver, one of the world’s most beautiful and liveable cities, Vancouver has something to attract my attention and institution of seeking an unique delicacies. There’s one local store, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver that are famous for it’s smoked salmon products…”Salmon Village” the name of the local store, selling Canadian specialty smoked salmon known as “Indian Candy” and an abundant Salmon jerky! I was hooked down to try their products and by the time it was bitten in my mouth, all the natural flavors, chewy texture and rich juicy with a wonderful aroma of maple is spreading out a single word…”delicious”.

me and the japanese guy at the Salmon Village

Now, I was thinking on making my own Salmon Candy and Salmon jerky with a little bit touch of Nova Scotia’s old recipe style that I learned from one couple of Canadian-sweedish during my trip to Halifax, a lovely small town in Nova Scotia that are famous for it’s seafood things, especially Lobster! and I’d learned some of the important basic of making Scandinavian cured salmon or “Gravlax” it’s a cured product made by marinating salmon in salt, sugar and dill. There’s no smoking process at all and the result is a moist, flavorful, easily sliced product that is very suitable with many kind selection of delicious appetizer menu or as a starter with a delicate taste and first is the salmon it self as the finest ingredients and of course to me is the Wild Salmon!, second is a well-balanced combination of spices and the last thing, we need to know the best smoking flavor for our salmon….