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Our Shop Online store selling Live aquatic seafoods around the world and our specialty is Live Canadian Lobsters that are caught from icy pure waters of Atlantic Canada with the best quality available to ensure the most succulent tasting lobster ever! Thereís a lot of seafood things in our Shop Online store from World Premium Wild Troll Caught Salmon, Premium Hook and Line Halibut, Highly prized Black Cod for itís velvety and delicate white meat, World renowned sweet flavor of Alaska Scallop, Fresh and mouthwatering Oyster till it was served onto your plates.

Live Hardshell Lobster
Enjoy the real taste of Canadian Lobster
SIZE: Chix (450-500 grm)
Our Lobster is also available in cooked-frozen
SIZE: Chix (450-500 grm)
             Select (900-1000 grm)

Our Prices : Rp 490.000 per kg (ex shipping cost)

Live Pacific Oyster
Our Oyster was imported by airflown and it was harvested from Totten Inlet, Washington US
SIZE: 2-3 inches
         3-4 inches

Our Prices : Rp 12.000 per pcs (ex shipping cost)

Live Manila Clam
Try our most fresh and succulent manila clam, itís really suitable for cooking with pasta dishes
size: 30-40 pcs per kg
note: Ocean Run Size

Our Prices : Rp 275.000 per kg (ex shipping cost)

Wild & Natural Alaskan Scallop
Whatís more than a sweet tasting and succulent scallop in your mouth!
size: 30/40
size: 20/30

Our Prices : Rp 410.000 per kg (ex shipping cost)

Please e-mail us at info@homardonline.com for the quotation