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Hi, I am Henry your humble chef.

I learned my cooking skills from a lot of people. I gathered bits and pieces here and there and then spent hours to perfect my skills in the kitchen. However, in 1999 I met a girl that taught me a lot about cooking. She taught me how to cook the right way, how to pick the best herbs, vegetables, meats and fish, how to cut them, and various ways to cook them. She taught me the very basic cooking skill to the highest there is. I learned about European foods from her and both of us then learned some japanese cooking from Kazuaki-san, a japanese friend who is the F&B Director of Fukutaro restaurant in Bali.

Prior to that I only knew one way to cook, sauce is everything, if you have great sauce, everything you cook will be great. European foods are so different, they focus more on the ingredients, how to bring forth the best from them. It is either you make the best dish or you fail big time. I learned that the best ingredients sometimes only need a very simple herbs such as salt and pepper and the proper way to cook them of course to make the greatest dishes.

After a while, I honed my skills more and more on my favorite dish, seafood. Over the years, seafood has evolved from a food for peasants to the food fit for kings and royalties. There are so many creatures inside the oceans, literally millions different kind of them. Each with their own unique taste. Life sure won't be boring as a seafood chef.

Homard was born out of the love for great food, especially seafood. We want to treat you to the wonderful world of seafood. Want to try the strong flavor of Wild Salmon? Or the softness of Black Cod? Or the delicate and velvety of Chillean Seabass? Or the great Halibut? How about a taste of the real Canadian Sea Lobster? How if I tell you, you have not eaten the best crab if you have not ever had King Crab?

Apart from seafood we also serve other dishes. Want to try out of this world Foie Gras? How about the tasty Wagyu Steak? Or maybe you prefer Rack Of Lamb? We are sure we have just the best food just for you, because here in Homard, we cook the dish the way you want it cooked. After you have a very delicious appetizer and have the unbelieveable main course, you will be treated to a perfect dessert. Again, our desserts are made with love, prepared by a master.

Still remember the girl I talked about? Since she taught me the whole new world of the delicate culinary art, I married her a couple of years ago. No, I was kidding, of course I didn't marry her for that reason. I married her because I was so in love with her. One more thing before I forget, she is the master of desserts. Come to Homard and together we will explore those wonderful culinaries.