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An Ocean Treasure that was buried deep in the icy cold water at Northern Hemisphere …

Welcome to the world of Seafood!!!

Homard proudly present a very special product for this upcoming Christmas and New Year.  European Brown Crab, also known as “Tourteau” in France which has a very fine flavored meat and December has  always  been a special time because the female crab’s carapace was full of roes!

Please e-mail us at info@homardonline.com for further information on the availability.

HOMARD’S Icy Blue Gala Dinner featuring European Brown Crab starting on 13th – 31st of December …..

Chef Sentosa will turn this special crab into several delicious dishes. From British style Crab Cocktails with avocado tartlet, Classic French Crab bisque, to Italian Antipasti simple boiled crab with drizzle of olive oil, slices of mushroom and grated Parmigiano on toasted bread.

A different set menu and several ways to create a unique delicacy will always be our tradition where menus never applied twice in history….